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Laguna 2019 Scholarship Application

June 1-7, 2019 Free
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  • Jun 1-7, 2019
    6:00am - 6:00pm


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About Laguna 2019 Scholarship Application

FSM Camp/Retreat Financial Subsidy Application

We understand that camps/retreats can be financially straining on families due to many factors (season of life, multiple students, income, job transitions, etc)

It is our heart and attempt for every student to attend our retreats and camps regardless of their financial situation. We have been blessed that in the past God has provided the resources for us to make financial aid available. We pray this continues and in addition to this are looking for additional ways to raise funds.

The Engage Memphis Fund has been a primary source of financial scholarships for our students. In seasons of prosperity, we ask that you consider making a gift to this fund to help others who are in need.

Spiritual Guidelines For Financial Aid

FSM and Fellowship Memphis desires to create an atmosphere of assistance but do not desire to encourage entitlement. Biblically, we see God call those who have more resources to create margin at the edges of their fields for the ones in need to have a dignified way of receiving assistance by working the fields. We as Christians are called to be generous, but also desire to see others put forth effort for things they value.

FSM/The Church

FSM and Fellowship Memphis also view our students as a VALUABLE RESOURCE to invest in. They are not ones who spend our budget but ones we desire to invest in. Historically we often provide approx 50% upfront subsidy for all students. For example, a week-long summer camp trip to Laguna Beach costs approx $900 per person. We have set aside money to drop this figure for all students to Approx $525 so camp is more reasonable. We also provide scholarships on top of that number for those in need. We desire you to know that we believe in our students and desire to invest heavily in them.

The Family

Because of our church investment, we expect the family to see your student as a worthy investment as well. Things look different for each family, but we would hope that each family is asking “what can we do as a family to sacrifice, work and creatively raise funds towards the experience of my student?”

The Student

We also ask that each student have “skin in the game”. What we mean by this is that we expect each student to work towards their camp/retreat funds. This may mean doing more around the home to help, this may mean working an actual job. Each family is different in what the student chipping in to help means. We do not want to create lazy, entitled students, but want to build in them the healthy habits of working for something that they value. We feel this is a great opportunity for them to learn this.

How To Apply For Financial Assistance

Please complete the survey below to apply for financial assistance. Our heart is to not make this an obstacle, shameful or annoying, but to know who needs help and what we can do to assist. Again, we desire for all students to attend and desire to help.